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The Abortion Pill 

A woman has many decisions to make when considering abortion.  If you're thinking about termination ,your health care provider may talk with you about a few different termination methods. You may be offered the option to have an in-clinic termination procedure. Or you may be offered the option to have a medication termination by taking the termination tablet. Medication termination is the kind of termination discussed on this page.


Whether you're thinking about having a medication termination, you're concerned about a woman who may be having one, or you're someone who's just curious about medication termination, you may have many questions.


Here are some of the most common questions we hear women ask about the termination tablet. We hope you find the answers helpful. And if you're thinking of having a medication termination, we hope they help you decide what is best for you.

If you are under 18, your state may require one or both of your parents to give permission for your termination or be told of your decision prior to the termination. However, in most states you can ask a judge to excuse you from these requirements. Learn more about parental consent for termination.


Abortion Pills

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Our safe termination Clinics provide legal termination. We give a 50% discount to students. We provide both medical & surgical terminations at the termination Clinic.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between surgical  and medical abortions?

A surgical termination occurs when a doctor (or other qualified health care provider) removes a pregnancy from the uterus.  The doctor numbs the cervix (opening of the uterus), then dilates (opens) the cervix a little bit to put in a small tube and removes the pregnancy with suction.  A surgical t.o.p may take anywhere from 5 – 20 minutes depending on where you are in your pregnancy.

For additional information about a first trimester termination click here (go to Surgical 1st trimester termination page) and for additional information about a second trimester termination.


Medical abortion involves the use of medications that induce terminations. For most women, the medical termination process is similar to having a miscarriage.  This option is only available early in pregnancy.  The Judy Bridget Women’s Center uses the FDA approved medication.  In the small percentage of cases in which medical abortions fail, surgical termination procedures are often required to complete the termination process.


Is A Process Painful?

How Long Will I Feel Pain After An Abortion?

Every woman experiences pain differently and what seems very painful to one person may not seem painful at all to another. The physical experience that you have during an termination will vary depending on the type of termination you choose to have (surgical vs. medical termination) and the type of anesthetic you choose (local vs. IV sedation).


Women who choose to have a surgical termination with a local anesthetic will often tell us that they experienced strong cramping and a feeling of pressure during the procedure. How intense the cramps are will vary from person to person. Mild cramping (like menstrual cramps) after a surgical termination will usually last for one or two days, though it is normal to have cramping on and off for a few weeks. This cramping should be alleviated with over the counter pain medication.


Women who choose to have a medical termination will often tell us that they experienced very strong cramping and heavy bleeding that subsides within several hours. Mild cramping (like menstrual cramps) after a medical abortion will usually last for one or two days, though it is normal to have cramping on and off for a few weeks. This cramping should be alleviated with over the counter pain medication.

Severe, intense pain is not normal after an termination and could be an indication that something is not OK.


When will I get my next menstrual period?

You can expect to get a normal period about 4 to 8 weeks after terminations. Often the first menstrual period after an termination is heavier than normal.


How soon can I have sex?

Generally, you can start having sexual intercourse about 5 days after your termination.  We recommend waiting to have sex until after you have a follow-up exam 2 - 5 days after your procedure.  You can conceive  immediately after termination , before your next period starts, so be prepared with a method of contraception before you resume having sexual relations.

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